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Category Yard & Garden
Created 2021-07-21
Owner Enoki Li
Title Fresh organic mushrooms, fruiting blocks, or mycology lessons.
Price $5
Description The Chitin Farm & Laboratory is a youth-owned-and-operated local farm and laboratory for fresh organic gourmet and medicinal mushrooms with a vision to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle activities facilitated by fungus suitable for all ages. Our vision is to engage people about the necessity of fungus. We are on a mission to remediate Alberta- not just through mycoremediation but also by providing an outlet for fostering innovation from provincial youth.

Currently, species in stock include a hybrid strain of King x Blue Oyster mushrooms created by The Chitin Farm & Laboratory and the aromatic, citrus-smelling Golden Oyster mushrooms. Other species are pending including, but not exclusive to: Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Almond Agaricus. The mushrooms cost $5/100g for the oyster varieties in stock. Mushroom fruiting blocks are available as well as growing or mycology lessons for kids or adults. Contact for more details. Supplies last for specialty gourmet mushrooms. Revenues incurred will be used entirely to grow Alberta’s: urban sustainable agriculture sector, mycological research industry; and fund student worker education.

Phone: (780) 807-4758